Phone number
+48 793 901 531
Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland (not looking for relocation)
GitHub page

Anton Korzhuk

Game Programmer



  • Programming languages: C, C++, C#, Lua, D and Java
  • Build tools: CMake, MSBuild, Maven, Gradle
  • Graphics APIs: Direct3D 9, 11, modern OpenGL
  • UI middleware development – layout engines, text rendering, UI graphics and effects etc.
  • Graphics engine development
  • Client-side game networking stack development
  • Reverse engineering – IDA, x64dbg, Ghidra etc.
  • ARM and x86-64 assembler language
  • Advanced (C1) speaker of English
  • Native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian
  • Pre-intermediate speaker of Polish

Pet Projects

  • A small 3D game engine (some of the components were used in commercial projects)
  • A game UI middleware (later became a semi-commercial project)
  • Participation in game preservation, as a part of SciLab Secrets group, focusing specifically on legacy Japanese mobile games, including reverse-engineering of old mobile operating systems and platforms.
  • A GRiD Compass emulator, now a part of MAME